Maui Family Photographer – Who is Shayla Tiare?

by | Aug 11, 2022 | Maui Family Photography

Aloha, I’m Shayla Tiare Ko’omoa the owner of Shayla Tiare Photography LLC.

I’ve been a trusted Maui family photographer and Maui wedding photographer since 2012. My photographic style combines clean looking portraits with soulful, moment-driven candids, resulting in photos that truly stand the test of time. My passion is to create heirloom worthy photographs that will be passed down for generations! I’m a true local Maui girl, born and raised on this beautiful island! You can trust me to guide us on an adventure to find the best lighting and stunning paradise locations. I photograph a range of subjects and events but I primarily focus on being a Maui photographer for couples, Maui wedding photographer and my current favorite is being a Maui family photographer.

How much should you pay for family pictures?

How much you should pay for family photos can vary per person and per family. There are many Maui family photographers who are affordable. It mostly depends on the quality of photographs that you’re looking for. If you’re looking for quality photographs and are also looking for affordability look into a Maui photographer mini session. Mini sessions are a great way to get a few images to cherish and still stay within budget.

Personally, when I am looking for Maui photographers to photograph my family I am looking at a wide range of things. I am looking at the quality of their website as well as their portfolio. I am looking at the quality of the equipment they’re using. I am also looking at their style of editing. As a photographer myself, it is relatively easy for me to see that you get what you pay for and I am willing to pay professional prices for quality photographs that I will cherish forever. In Maui, for a professional, you can expect to pay anywhere between $550-$1000 for a one hour session.

Are professional family photos worth it?

To me, yes! These moments are fleeting! You can never get them back! I have never regretted getting family photographs taken of my family and I have never had a client regret it either. In fact, 100% of the time I’ve experienced the exact opposite! I’ve experienced pure joy and gratitude from clients because they have beautiful photographs of their family all together that they can hold on to, cherish and pass down their families legacy.

Families too often tell me about how much they regret not taking the time to photograph the special (and insanely fast) moments when their children were growing up. Another is not having professional photography for their wedding.

As a professional photographer, I do so much more for a family shoot and a wedding day than just take photos. I literally provide an EXPERIENCE!

It’s never too early or too late to start documenting your legacy—for your children, your grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and all future generations.

Maui has some of the best Maui family photographers and also happens to have the most beautiful paradise backdrops! In my opinion, one of the best investments for a Maui family vacation is hiring a professional Maui photographer. Take the pressure off of your iPhone and allow an expert to photograph your family’s special Maui vacation.

What settings should I use for family photography?

The camera settings for Maui family photography would vary based on the time of day the session is taking place, the amount of movement of the subject and the quality of equipment you’re using.

Maui beach photography predominantly features the sun, sky, ocean and palm trees. When photographing families on the beach in Maui, I always make sure I am exposing my settings for the sky. If the hi-lights are too bright they won’t be able to be brought back in post processing.

If the client is moving quickly, the shutter speed needs to be at least 1/500 to avoid motion blur. If possible, 1/1000 would be even better.

Another thing to think about is the f-stop which is the size of the aperture opening. If you want a shallow depth of field, focus on the subject and blurry in the foreground and background, your f-stop will be a lower number. If you want a deep depth of field, which would make the whole photo be in focus, then your f-stop will be higher.

The other main camera setting is ISO. This tells your camera how sensitive it should be to light. A higher ISO will make the camera more sensitive and generally brighter. A high ISO will also cause graininess. It is important to pair ISO and shutter speed together to get the right lighting. Ideally, you want your ISO to be as low as possible to get the best quality in your image.

How do I take professional looking family photos?

I do believe that the quality of camera equipment plays a huge part in taking professional looking family photographs. As a photographer, I can tell by looking at the image whether it’s been taken with entry level equipment, a brand new iPhone or professional level equipment.

Another factor is lighting, location and posing. The best lighting is going to be at sunrise and sunset. Pick a location with a nice background.

Pose your clients closely and lovingly—everyone’s hands should have a place to go. The closer everyone is together, the better. Shoot through the moments. Capture the behind the scenes, the laughter, the fun. Get the family to look at each other and laugh with one another genuinely.

How can I find and hire a professional photographer in Maui?

Have you been searching for a Maui family photographer who can make your photo session stress-free and fun, while still delivering quality images you’ll treasure? This is my passion, so I hope you’ll consider my professional photography services for all your Maui Photography needs.

I’m a photographer on the island of Maui and I promise to deliver amazing images and provide an excellent experience from start to finish. But if you’d like to take a look at some of my peers on the island, then the traditional way of finding a photographer at a destination is to ask people you know that have been there or live there, or use Google.

Many Maui visitors look to Google and do a search for Maui family photographers near where they’re staying. Some popular search terms include: Maui family photographers Kaanapali, Maui family photographers Wailea, or family photographer Lahaina. You could also search for Maui family photography Instagram pages. There are a few Facebook groups for Photographers on Maui as well as Maui visitors Facebook groups with tons of resources.

But I hope you’ll see that I am just what you were looking for in a professional Maui Family Photographer.

I’m here to help if you still have questions. You can submit an inquiry form or call (808) 264-3534. I look forward to working with you.

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Aloha, I'm Shayla Tiare Ko'omoa and I'm so glad you're here.

A true local Maui girl, born and raised on this beautiful island!

I’m honored to be trusted Maui family photographer for over 10 years and counting.

My photographic style combines clean looking portraits with soulful, moment-driven candids—resulting in photos that truly stand the test of time.